AECollector Pay

What is AECollector Pay?

 - AECollector Pay allows you to pay for an item in installments rather than all at once. You can choose 10 monthly payments or 5 monthly payments which will be processed on the 15th of every month. The first payment in the plan will be charged at the time of order.


Does AECollector Pay charge interest or additional charges?

 - No. Using AECollector Pay will not incur any additional charges or interest. If you need to cancel a payment plan, there will be a $20 fee. However, any other payments will be refunded.


Is (specific item) available with AECollector Pay?

 - If an item is eligible for AECollector Pay, it will be listed under the “Expected Release Date” and you will need to choose one in order to add the item to your cart.


If AECollector Pay is not available on an item, can Amanda set one up?

 -Although we do offer AECollector pay on certain items, we are unable to offer it on every item on the site. If the option is not listed on the product page, Amanda will not be able to set it up.


 What happens if my item arrives early?

 - If an item arrives ahead of your scheduled payment plan, the remaining payments will be due at that time.


Can I use Reward Points on a payment plan order?

 - Absolutely! Reward points CAN be used in conjunction with AECollector Pay and will be subtracted from the final payment.


Can I pay the full balance in advance?

 - Yes! If you'd like to pay off your remaining balance at any time, simply email and request a balance payoff for your order.