Batman Arkham Knight 1/3 Scale Statue

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Are you ready for one of the biggest Batman statues ever? The craftsmen and women at Prime 1 Studio bring you the Batman Arkham Knight 1/3 Scale Statue. What's 1/3 Scale you say? That means that this statue is 1/3 the size of the actual Batman - I don't care what you say, Batman is real - that's approximately 34 inches tall. This Batman statue includes a flexible cape and an interchangeable palm so that he can hold the Batclaw, (that's a thing, right?). This means that you can change the look of your Batman statue when the mood hits you. This thing is ginormous, so we do need to limit it to U.S. customers only. Now stop playing Arkham Knight and order yours today! A non-refundable deposit of $90 will be charged within 48 hours of placing your order.