Battleship - Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales Edition

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It's the Games - Battleship - Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales Edition.

Command your fleet and defeat your rivals in a high seas face-off with other Pirate Lords in the classic naval combat game of Battleship. Custom treasure chest game trays, pirate ships and all-new Infernal Sea cards offer exclusive game play with a host of warfare twists and turns.

• 2 Custom Plastic Fold-and-Store Game Trays.
• 10 Custom Plastic Ships.
• 2 Custom Plastic Sails.
• 84 Red "Hit" Powder Kegs.
• 168 Gray "Miss" Powder Kegs.
• 20 "Infernal Sea" Cards.
• 2 "Ammo Cache" Cards.
• Instructions.

Ages 7+
2 Players.

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