Wonder Woman Isn't Great...But It's Close

Posted by Marc Bowker on 4th Jun 2017

Based on critics and Internet chatter, Wonder Woman is the greatest comic book movie ever!But it's not.It's very good. Much better than Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad. But equal to The … read more

Which is Better, Hot Toys or Sideshow?

Posted by Marc Bowker on 19th Apr 2017

As an action figure retailer, there isn't an easy answer to this question. A few years ago, this wouldn't even be open to debate. Hot Toys was the clear winner when it came to collector figures. … read more

Led Zeppelin helps the Thor Ragnarok teaser rock!

Posted by Marc Bowker on 10th Apr 2017

Marvel Comics has released the first teaser trailer for Thor Ragnarok...and it rocks!Propelled by Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song,' the trailer is action-packed and filled with glimpses of Hela (Cate B … read more

This weeks best new comics - April 5, 2017

Posted by Marc Bowker on 7th Apr 2017

What a great week for comics!Before Josh and I shoot the weekly video, we compare notes. And this week, we both enjoyed everything that we read!Here are the highlights:X-Men Gold #1 (Marc & A … read more

100 of the Best Comic Books We've Ever Read

Posted by Marc Bowker on 31st Mar 2017

Here at Alter Ego, we read a lot of comics books.And we want the world to know that comics are awesome, and they're for everybody.To help spread the word, we've put together a list of 100 of the best … read more

DC & Marvel Split our Top 10 Comics of 2016

13th Jan 2017

As more comic shops and "news sites" report their Top 10's of 2016, we decided to share ours, too.Keep in mind that every comic book store is unique. What sells in a store in San Francisco or New York … read more

12 days of awesome deals are coming your way

8th Dec 2016

Shop at Alter Ego Comics starting Monday, December 12th, for daily deals right up through Christmas Eve.Monday, December 12th: Earn double points on your purchaseTuesday, December 13th: BOGO 1/2 off o … read more

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