Meet the Next Class of X-Men in Generation X!

1st Dec 2016

For the first time in years, the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning throws open its doors once again in GENERATION X #1! Join writer Christina Strain (Runaways, Civil War II: Choosing Sides) and art … read more

The Changing Face of Marvel Comics

3rd Nov 2016

This week sees the release of Invincible Iron Man #1. But Tony Stark won't be the one wearing the armor.Instead, Riri Williams, a 15 year old black female, is the hero of the series.Williams is the la … read more

How to enjoy collecting without going broke

20th Sep 2016

Collecting high-end action figures and collectibles can be expensive. But you can still show your love for your favorite characters without breaking the bank.While there's no arguing that Hot Toy … read more

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