Keep your eye on the ball and your head in the game.

I grew up in metro-Detroit in the 1980's, which meant that I was a Detroit Lions fan.
But I wasn't what you would call a football fan.

That changed eight years ago when my oldest son started playing football at age 10.
As I watched him play over the years, I learned to love the game.
Now I find myself cheering on my family's team (Notre Dame) every Saturday.
And, since I now live in Ohio, rooting for the Bengals and even the Browns...along with the Lions.

And the best part? My youngest son started playing football this year at age nine :)

One thing that I've learned while watching football is that it all comes down to focus.
The slightest distraction can result in a missed play or a season-ending injury.

Think of all the sports sayings that we use like "get your head in the game" or "keep your eye on the ball."

So what does this have to do with collecting?

It used to be that you either collected 1/6 scale of 1/12 scale.
Now we have 1/8 scale, 1/9 scale and 1/10 scale.
We also have good old 3 3/4 inch figures.

It seems like every pop culture license in the world has collectibles available.

And as soon as your favorite character finds it's way to your shelf, a new version pops up.

We can feel like the dog in the movie "Up," getting distracted by (squirrel!) every new sculpt, new scale, new version.

It's enough to make some say "enough!" and get out of collecting completely.

But if you focus on characters that mean something to you, then you'll win the game.

Don't get distracted, keep your head in the game, and every time you look at your collection you'll smile.

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