Mondays with Marc - June 18, 2018

Welcome to the first installment of Mondays with Marc, a weekly rundown of what you need to know about this week's new comic books.

One of my team-members, Josh, and I do a weekly review show on Wednesdays, but I thought you might find it useful to get this info on Monday, giving you time to let your local comic shop know to hold a book for you. Or to give you a heads up when you head out on Wednesday to shop for this week's new comics.

Here we go:

Amazing Spider-Man #801 - it's writer Dan Slott's last issue of Spider-Man after writing the title for 10 years! This is a can't miss pick up for anyone that's been reading his epic run.

Avengers #2 & #3 - Second printing alert on #2. Lots of stores, (including Alter Ego), got caught short on this title because of Marvel's wonky shipping schedule (we had to order #2 before we had data on #1), so grab the second printing of #2 if you missed it...and pick up #3, too.

Batman #49 - The second part of a Joker story leading up to the big Batman/Catwoman wedding in Batman #50.

Batman: The Dark Prince Charming Book Two - The first book came out in the Fall, and has been one of our best-selling Batman titles. This book concludes the story.

Dark Nights Metal:The Nightmare Batmen HC - Collects the Dark Multiverse Batman one-shots, which were awesome!

Doctor Strange by Donny Cates Vol. 1 TP - Collects Cates' must-read run on Doctor Strange. I have a copy on order for myself, it's that good!

Hit Girl Vol. 1 - Collecting the first four issues of the current Hit Girl series by writer Mark Millar.

Justice League #2 - It's not too late to jump into this new Justice League series by writer Scott Snyder.

Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia - A must-buy for Zelda fans. Similar in size and scope to the Hyrule Historia and Art & Artifacts editions.

Supergirl CW Gallery PVC Statue - Fans of the Supergirl CW TV Series will want this new Gallery statue from Diamond Select Toys. This series has been a great seller for us at Alter Ego.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 - Remember Dan Slott? I talked about him at the top of this post. Now that he's wrapped up his run on The Amazing Spider-Man, he's taking a crack at Iron Man in this new series. Perfect for fans of his work on Amazing AND for Iron Man fans.

X-Men Gold #30 - Kitty Pryde and Colossus tie the knot! Must-buy for X-Men fans.

Now a couple of quick notes about last week's comics:

Weatherman #1 from Image Comics has sold out at Image, so grab a first printing while you can (we still have them). It's an Alter Ego recommendation.

And finally, if you're a fan of Nancy Drew, then you have to pick up Nancy Drew #1 by Kelly Thompson. I read it because of Thompson's work on Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), but most of the Internet agrees what it's awesome, like this review at Comicosity, or this one at Sci-Fi Pulse, or this one at Geek Mom.

See you at the comic shop!

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