Bloodshot 1:6 Scale Figure

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Brought back from the dead and infused with cutting-edge nanotechnology, 
Bloodshot became a nearly unstoppable killing machine. 
His enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and healing made him the perfect weapon.
After defying his programming and escaping his masters in Project Rising Spirit, 
Bloodshot now fights to rediscover the secret of his true identity… 
but remains haunted by the past that nearly destroyed him.

Packing list:

1) 1 x head sculpt
2) 1 x TB League male seamless body with metal skeleton
3) 2 pairs x interchangeable hands
4) 1 x T-shirt
5) 1 pair x pants
6) 1 pair x boots
7) 1 x belt
8) 2 x cartridge belts
9) 1 x samurai sword 
10) 1 x sheath for the sword with carrying strap
11) 3 x handguns with holsters
12) 1 x strap for holding 1 handgun to the thigh
13) 1 x combined gun
14) 1 x fire hydrant
15) 1 x base


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