Breaking Bad Hesisenberg and Jesse Hazmat Suit 2 Pack

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These figures feature life-like head sculpts crafted with accuracy based on the characters from the hit TV drama Breaking Bad. Both 1/6 scale figures are fully articulated with Heisenberg standing approximately 12.2" and Jesse standing 11.6". Jesse and Heisenberg come with a variety of extremely detailed accessories including Hazmat Suits, Gas Masks, a Lab Desk with equipment, interchangable clothing and 4 sets of extra hands for maximum posability! 

Clothing & interchangeable hands:

Yellow lab suits x 2 set;

Glasses (for Heisenberg);

Undershirt (for Heisenberg);

Undershirt (for Jesse);

Pants (for Heisenberg);

Pants (for Jesse);

Shoes (for Heisenberg);

Shoes (for Jesse)

Protective gloves:

– relaxed x 2 pair;

– griping x 1 pair;

– holding x 1 pair;

– fists x 1 pair


Gas mask x 2;

Lab desk;

Round chemical container;

Chemical glass bottle (with water) x 3;

Steel tray;

Beaker (with water);

Measuring glass (with water);

Flask (with water);

Test tube rack

Test tube x 3

Test tube (with water) x 3;


Mortar and pestle

Graduated cylinder