EFX The Mandalorian Season 2 Helmet Replica

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In the first season of Star Wars: The MandalorianTM on Disney+, we were introduced to The Mandalorian, a character with a unique persona and equally unique armor.  An integral part of the armor, and The Mandalorian himself, is his helmet made from BeskarTM steel. This helmet has now become an iconic part of the Star Wars Galaxy.  In the second season, we see The Mandalorian, aka Din Djarin, wearing a clean and un-weathered version of that very helmet.  Now, EFX is extremely proud to offer the only officially licensed prop replica of this helmet!

The Season 2 Helmet Replica is a clean, un-weathered version of this now iconic helmet!

The master patterns were supplied by Legacy Effects, cast from the same molds as the screen-used helmets.  Original paint samples were also supplied to ensure the accuracy of unique color of the helmets.  Utilizing these assets from the original prop makers, the EFX engineers were able recreate the most accurate replica of the Mandalorian helmet.

EFX continues to strive to bring you prop replicas of the highest level of authenticity and accuracy possible.  This edition is no different, it utilizes parts cast from the same master patterns that created the screen-used prop. With an extensive study of the screen-used helmet and the assets supplied by Lucasfilm and Legacy Effects, the engineers, model-makers and artists at EFX has made a faithful prop replica of this iconic helmet.