Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer Sixth Scale Figure

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A massive 50 ft wall of stone and wrought iron that separated a land of evil and the unholy was constructed by an ancient civilization thousands of years ago. No one knows exactly when it was built, but its intent was to keep the evil that lurks within separate from the good and holy outside its perimeters. 

Behind this wall are thousands of acres of swamp and mountain ranges that are forbidden to be visited by mankind; anyone who entered was never heard from again. An ancient tribe spoke of a demonic figure that lived among the dead. He was called The Death Dealer. He had eyes of fire, and was the embodiment of darkness. 

During the time of the Norsemen around 1200 A.D., there was a kingdom miles from the gated entrance to this evil place. It was ruled by a powerful king named Jaro, who feared no man and used this land as a sacrificial place to deal with men that committed brutal and violent crimes; if one would be found guilty of murder, they would be sentenced to the Bad Lands, left behind the towering walls, never to be seen again. 

The land inside the walls were not to be visited by those who were good and lawful, and everyone knew that if they crossed over into the Death Dealer's domain they would never return. The Death Dealer rode atop a large, black horse, and would execute any who visited this place with one fell swoop of his axe. He was even so powerful that he had an army of the living dead at his command. 

The Death Dealer stands enormous, draped with a chain-link skirt, a dark cloak, and a horned helmet. His eyes burn like fire and no one is certain of his origin. It is told that he is as old as time itself. 

Parts List:
1x armed head
1x Phicen first generation seamless male body with metal armature for 1:6 figure
1x pair natural hands
1x pair gloved hands
1x cravat
1x shoulder strap 
1x cape
1x breastplate with toothed accessories
1x black sleeveless robe
1x pair briefs
1x pair shoulder guards
1x shread to fasten on one arm
1x pair of wrist guards
1x midsection armor skull plate & belt
1x pair lower leg guards
1x chainmail-like leg shirt with thigh guards attached 
1x pair battle footwear with spurs 
1x battle sword & sheath
1x machete
1x shield
1x base & stand
1x 4 color packaging