Iron Patriot 9 Inch Statue

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Colonel James Rhodes was Tony Stark's friend long before they both donned their armored suits. After Colonel Rhodes' re-purposed the Iron Man MK2 armor (Iron Man 2), his suit was upgraded from Warmachine to Iron Patriot. This new armor configuration was just another step towards "Rhodey" becoming an Avenger!

Using digital sculpting and files used from the film, Gentle Giant Ltd has recreated Iron Patriot in this amazing 9 inch statue. The original pieces to be used for manufacturing where then printed on top of the line 3D Systems 3D Printers. These high resolution printed pieces made it possible to capture the intricate details of the character's likeness, costume and accessories. 

Each Iron Patriot 9" figure is hand cast, hand painted and hand numbered with a limited edition size. Gentle Giant Ltd is proud to continue to celebrate the Marvel Cinematic Universe with this one of a kind figure!