Lady Death: Death's Warrior 1:6 Scale Figure

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Lady Death: a tale of innocence betrayed and then reborn as a powerful force capable of challenging the very roots of evil itself. Her legend dates back to the dark ages. She was a beautiful, young woman named Hope, but tricked by demons, she renounced her humanity to save her mother’s soul and was condemned to Hell. To survive, she harnessed the darkness within and forged herself into a warrior dreaded by all who cross her path. To know her is to know a woman cursed, but to oppose her is to know eternal agony.

This 1:6 scale figure set includes:

1 x female seamless body with metal skeleton 5#
1x head sculpt
6x interchangeable hands
1x chest guard
1x protective bottom
2x skulls in the top of high boots
1x pair of high boots
1x cloak with a neck strap
2x forearm armor
1x helmet
1x sword
1x sickle with skull
1x large skull
1x cushion
1x chair
1x base