Marvel Captain America ARTFX Premier Statue

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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! The time has come for the next evolution in ARTFX, and Kotobukiya is proud to debut the incredible ARTFX Premier Statue line. ARTFX Premier is a high-quality statue line that challenges the limits of product development by capturing characters in the highest possible level of detail, and that premier quality can be seen in every aspect of this patriotic hero. Thanks to the advanced craftsmanship incorporated into the ARTFX Premier line, this Captain America Limited Edition Premier ARTFX Statue is rendered in glorious detail like never before. His iconic red, white, and blue costume is absolutely covered in intricate details, from clothing elements like the fine grain in his shirt and trousers to seams, creases, and different textures like the hard, overlapping scales of his armored torso and the "leather" of his belt and boots.

Meanwhile, Cap's star spangled Vibranium shield looks amazing with its glossy finish. Even with all of that, Steve Rogers' extremely lifelike facial portrait is the focus point of this presentation, and it can be enjoyed from a variety of angles thanks to expert paint application capturing photographic realism. Sculpted by RESTORE, Captain America stands nearly 10-inches tall (1:10th scale) in his crouching pose on the rocky display base. He comes to you in sophisticated packaging overflowing with detail, including a marble-inspired background motif, as well as an original illustration based on the figure. Additionally, this limited edition (3500 pieces worldwide) statue comes with a certificate with its collector number printed in gold, certifying each piece is a one-of-a-kind original.