Marvel Hero Collector Museum Black Panther's Mask

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A vibranium-weave suit worn by generations of Black Panthers, the Panther Habit is the near-indestructible garb of Wakanda's protector - and this mask, their sacred visage. On ascending to Wakanda's throne, T'Challa's habit received a serious upgrade from his sister Shuri - woven from vibranium nanobots, the suit and its mask could retract to fit inside a ceremonial necklace.

In addition to its traditional vibranium claws, T'Challa's new suit was capable of self-repair, and designed with advanced energy redistribution technology. Its nanobots could absorb energy from any source, storing it as a purple, glowing charge, and unleash it to augment the Black Panther's strikes.

Collect the iconic artifacts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe - weapons, masks, gadgets and more - recreated as highly accurate, hand-painted resin models! Standing roughly 6-8" tall on a plinth stamped with their movie of origin, these replicas would satisfy the Collector himself.