Marvel Universe Variant Play Arts Kai Venom Figure

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Every great hero needs a bad ass villain. And you don't get much badder than Venom. A symbiote that Spider-Man picked up while galloping around the cosmos back in the Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars comic book series, the creature slowly took over Peter Parker's mind and body, until Reed Richards helped Spidey shake it. Feeling shunned and angry, (much like a dumped boyfriend or girlfriend), the symbiote found someone who hated Parker as much as it did, (Eddie Brock), latched on to him and Venom was born! While there are a ton of Spider-Man items for Web-head fans, there aren't a whole lot of cool Venom collectibles. Enter Square Enix and this Play Arts Kai Venom Figure! This figure features mind-blowing articulation so that you can mimic Venom's crazy comic book poses. It also includes a switch out head with Venom's tongue flapping around, several hands with Venom ooze and a display stand. Don't pass this one up, True Believers. Your Spider-Man collection neeedsssss it.