Men in Black Neuralyzer Prop Replica by Factory Entertainment

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The electro bio-mechanical neural transmitting zero synapse re-positioner, more commonly known as the Neuralyzer, or in Agent J’s case, ‘the flashy-thing,’ can now be yours!

This highly detailed 1:1 scale prop replica precisely replicates the Neuralyzer prop as seen in 1997’s hit film, Men In Black.

This stunning prop replica features a durable metal body and has the following functional features:

• Spring-loaded pop-up action.
• LED-lit year display, which can be manually adjusted to display any year.
• Red standby light.
• Ultra-bright LED flash.
• Movie accurate sound effects.
• Screen accurate time setting dials.

Each museum quality replica includes a numbered plaque, prop story booklet, and wood display case that allows you to position the replica in either the closed or open position.

Limited To 1,997 Pieces