Monopoly AMC The Walking Dead Board Game

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It's the Boardgames - Monopoly - The Walking Dead.

The apocalyse is here and life as you've known it has given way to a bloody chaotic fight for survival. Live to see another day in AMC's The Walking Dead MONOPOLY as you acquire and defend safeguard locations featured throughout the hit television series.

• 6 tokens: Michonne's Katana, Rick's Revolver, Carl's Hat, Daryl's Crossbow, Negan's Lucille and a Walker Head.
• Custom game board features locations throughout the hit television series.
• Houses and Hotels are renamed Fences and Guard Towers.
• Community Chest and Chance cards are renamed Survivors and Walkers.
• Custom Themed Monopoly Money.
• Instructions.

Ages 18+
2-6 Players.

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