Monopoly Pirates of the Caribbean Ultimate Edition Board Game

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It's the Boardgames - Monopoly - Pirates Of The Caribbean Ultimate Edition.

Create a historic pirate league of the greatest privateers and seafaring scoundrels as you buy, sell and trade your way to rule the seven seas in the Pirates of the Caribbean Ultimate Edition of Monopoly. Featuring iconic characters from all five movies, six collectible ship tokens and custom pirate booty, this version of America’s favorite board game promises to deliver the ultimate pirate adventure. Savvy?

• 6 Custom Ship Tokens: The Black Pearl, Empress, Flying Dutchman, Queen Anne's Revenge, Dauntless, Silent Mary.
• Custom game board features characters from entire film franchise.
• Custom small and large Caches replace traditional houses & hotels.
• Custom Codex and Spyglass cards replace Chance and Community Chest, respectively.
• Custom Pirate currency.
• Instructions.

Ages 8+
2-6 Players.