Mortal Kombat Scorpion 1/6 Scale Figure

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From the successful video game series, Mortal Kombat, this is the Scorpion Sixth Scale Figure by World Box. -1:6th durable body, approximately 12 inches tall -Features special weathering effects on the figure -Three (3)head sculpt,each one is specially hand-painted -Fully realized the body covered with Scorpion armor PARTS: Four (4) interchangeable hands including:
- One (1) open hands
- One (1) clenched fist
- One (1) pair of hand for holding sword COSTUME:
- One (1) golden ninja vest
- One (1) pair of arm protectors
- One (1) pair of boots WEAPON:
- Two (2) Sword
- One (1) Kusarigama ACCESSORIES:
- One (1) Broken head of Kung Lao
- One (1) Blood soaked
- One (3) Flash for magical effect,fireball