Order Policies


Please read this before going any further. You'll save both of us a lot of time and headaches.

There are two types of items available on this website:

1.) In-stock

2.) Pre-orders

In stock items ship out on the next business day, but most items are pre-orders, meaning that they are not currently available. Since most of the items listed are limited edition and tend to sell out before they're even released, placing a PRE-ORDER reserves an item for you and we'll ship it out once it's released - the expected release date is listed under the ADD TO CART button.

BUT...release dates are sometimes meaningless.

Manufacturers give us an ETA on when an item will be released and we publish that here. Frequently, those dates get moved due to delays in production, manufacturing and shipping. 


We don't like it any more than you do, but please don't blame us. It's almost never the retailer's fault.


All orders will be AUTHORIZED for the amount in your shopping cart when you submit your order.

  • An authorization is a temporary hold placed on your card to verify your payment details
  • Authorizations are usually removed from your card within a few business days, but can last up to 30 days - It all depends on the issuing bank
  • This is not a charge.

If you are placing a pre-order, your card will not be charged. Instead, we will email you an invoice to pay using any card when your item is on it's way to us. This has to do with the length of time between placing your order and the item shipping, PCI compliance and new banking regulations - fun stuff.


PayPal requires instant payment during checkout. That's their thing, not ours. So if you use PayPal YOU WILL BE CHARGED WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER. Please do not use PayPal if you're updating your credit card.



Since most of this stuff is limited, there is a limit of one per household. Yeah, we know that some of you buy one to sell and one to keep, but we want as many of our customers as possible to get one. 

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