Pirates of the Caribbean 14" x 14" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

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Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl 14” x 14” Gallery Wrapped Canvas brings a classic Walt Disney ride and the popular Disney film franchise to life. Featuring favorite characters, Captain Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth and Will, along with the fun-loving prison dog, villagers and pillaging pirates from the Disney theme parks attraction, this Thomas Kinkade Studios Disney Gallery Wrap will delight fans of all ages. Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl was created in 2014, and it features the Narrative Panorama style that tells the many adventure-filled stories that surround the Disney ride and movie series. This frameless presentation is master-crafted using the world’s finest canvas materials hand-stretched over luxurious hardwood stretcher bar. Displayed alone or along with other Thomas Kinkade Disney artwork, this piece is the perfect home décor gift for a Pirates of the Caribbean collector.


  • Premium canvas substrate
  • Hardwood strecher bar
  • Certificate of authenticity included

Image Notes
From the first moments we climb into our boat on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride singing, “It’s a pirates life for me,” or view those wondrous opening frames of any of the Pirates’ movies, we are captivated by the spirit of adventure mixed with romance. It’s a fun adventure filled with memorable moments. Captain Jack Sparrow makes his grand entrance as his ship slowly sinks in the harbor of a portside town. A mischievous mutt can be seen taunting pirate prisoners. Will and Elizabeth are fighting pirates back-to-back while resisting the inevitable pull of true love.

In Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl, the Thomas Kinkade Studios celebrate these iconic characters and films, which so vividly remind us of a life of passion and adventure.