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Magneto Sixth Scale Figure by Mondo

Magneto Sixth Scale Figure by Mondo


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Alter Ego and Mondo are excited to present the new Magneto Sixth Scale Figure!

The first villain in our line of Marvel's X-Men: The Animated Series sixth scale figures, the Magneto Sixth Scale Figure!

Magneto comes with a slew of awesome, swappable (and magnetic) accessories, including several portraits based on his various appearances in the series, as well as a bendable “metal” pole that can be used to tie up those pesky X-Men!

The Magneto Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • One (1) Standard portrait
  • One (1) Angry portrait
  • One (1) Eric Lensherr portrait
  • Four (4) pairs of interchangeable hands:
    - Two (2) open-palmed magnetized hands
    - Two (2) magnetized fists
  • Two (2) magnetized energy rings
  • Magnetized metal shards
  • Bendable metal fragment
  • One (1) Figure Stand