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Venom Armed and Dangerous Statue

Venom Armed and Dangerous Statue


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The long-awaited final form of Kotobukiya's MARVEL figures! This figure is the latest in Kotobukiya's artist series that reimagines characters in the unique art style of Japan's top artists. Introducing Venom as drawn by Hiroyuki Imaishi, animation director at anime studio TRIGGER and mind behind the original series Kill la Kill, the movie Promare, and many others.

Imaishi has tapped into his experience as an animator to reimagine the symbiote known as Venom in his iconic art style with a bulging physique and powerful, humongous arms. The veins in Venom's arms look ready to burst at any moment as he looks poised to pounce on his next victim.While being an undeniable work of Imaishi, the figure—modeled by sculptor Keita Misono under Imaishi's supervision—features a clean, simple design that shows the director's love and admiration for both MARVEL and comic books as a whole. The result is a work of art with a presence like no other that can be appreciated from all sides.

To give this one-of-a-kind figure the treatment it truly deserves, the body is colored with glossy Maziora paint. The paint, which changes color depending on the angle, provides depth to each individual muscle and makes for a wholly unique piece that will glitter and gleam in your collection.

Add Hiroyuki Imaishi's Venom to your Marvel collection today!