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Wolverine: X-23 Uncaged Premium Format Figure

Wolverine: X-23 Uncaged Premium Format Figure

Sideshow Collectibles

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Sideshow presents the Wolverine: X-23 Uncaged Premium Format™ Figure. This awesome Marvel collectible showcases Laura Kinney’s impressive ability to overcome nearly insurmountable odds.

Danger Room drones, meet Laura Kinney’s fists and fury. Measuring 20.5” tall, 15” wide, and 13.3” deep, the Wolverine: X-23 Uncaged Premium Format Figure finds this legacy mutant at the end of an intense training session. Laura wears her All-New Wolverine costume while balancing on a metallic mountain of defeated adversaries. She looks ahead with well-earned confidence as her Adamantium claws plunge into a robot’s severed head, dealing the final blow. Simulation complete!

Inspired by the character’s appearance in Marvel Comics, this fully sculpted X-Men collectible brings the battle right to your doorstep. Every detail, from the blue and yellow super suit and masked portrait to the mass of mangled machinery on the base, presents Laura Kinney at her most powerful.