Quantum Mechanix Captain Kirk 1:6 Scale Figure Star Trek

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The original QMx Star Trek 1:6 scale figures are back for an extremely limited time.  Collect these classic figures now while you can! The most renowned Starfleet captain in Federation history, James Tiberius Kirk, commanded the starship Enterprise on her original voyage. Our 1:6-scale figure re-creates this iconic character in exquisite detail. Standing approximately 11.5" tall, every element, from his 23rd century tunic to his custom black boots, is authentically reproduced. The original portrait sculpt of William Shatner as Kirk was personally approved by the actor. More than 30 points of articulation allow the figure to be displayed in multiple dynamic poses, approximately 12" tall. Lovingly rendered by a top artist, this perfect likeness of Kirk comes with realistic wrinkles and skin texture. Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted. Meticulously researched, the Starfleet Duty Uniform Tunic matches the pattern, fabric and color of the original costume down to the last stitch. The sleeves are trimmed with accurate and detailed braid insignia, with a regulation black tee worn under the tunic and a faithful replica of the pants worn by the Enterprise crew (including the characteristic bell-shaped leg and metal plates sewn in to allow the magnetic phaser and communicator to be attached). to the figure for away missions. The boots feature leather-like material cut in the style of the footwear worn in the Original Series and zip up on the inside. A custom display base featuring the familiar Star Trek delta symbol will hold up the figure and allow more extreme poses. This fine collectible figure is a perfect rendition of everyone's favorite Starfleet first officer and a great start to your Star Trek™ 1:6-scale figure collection.