Returns & Cancellations


We want to be sure you're happy with your item(s) so you have 30 days from the time that your order shows up at your door to contact us about an exchange. If there's a problem, email us at In your email, describe the problem and send us some pictures of the issue(s) - we'll work on your behalf with our suppliers to get you a replacement. Please do not contact the manufacturer directly as this prolongs the replacement time.

We know it sucks, but damage to the shipper box or packaging does not a damaged item make. That's why the packaging is there - it protects the item from breaking :) We cannot replace damaged shipper boxes or packaging.

Please be patient with damages and exchanges. It can be a slow process and repeatedly calling and emailing for updates might make Amanda cry. We don't like it when that happens.



If you've changed your mind about an item, contact us within that 30 day window and request a return. The item has to be returned to us in the same condition that you received it:

  • Still factory sealed
  • Packed securely
  • Insured for the purchase price

If a returned item arrives with excessive damage due to improper packing or is missing parts, a damaged product fee will be charged.

If an item has been opened, it cannot be returned.

You MUST contact us at before shipping an item back. Unexpected arrivals make Alex twitchy and we try to prevent that at all costs - it gets messy. 

Any item returned to us as "return to sender" or "refused" will be subject to a 30% restocking fee to cover our costs and therapy bills.

Finally, you will receive a refund of the purchase price on a return. Shipping costs are on you.  If we can't issue a refund back to your original credit card, we will issue a PayPal refund.




You can cancel an order at any time without penalty ($1 deposits are non-refundable), but excessive cancellations will result in being banned as a customer.

Why? Because we can't cancel our orders with suppliers.  Once we commit to an order, it's locked in. Plus, we want to offer everyone a chance to order!

Here are some good rules of thumb when it comes to ordering:


  • Only order stuff that you really want and will never cancel.

  • Only order it if you can pay for it. We recommend always paying with Paypal upfront so that you don't have to try and find funds when the item is released.

  • Don't order something to flip on eBay. It's a bad plan, guys.

  • Don't get frustrated when an item is late and cancel it. If you wanted it the day that you placed your order, you should still want it 18 months later when it finally gets released. Delays happen frequently - be prepared.          





The 3 Rules of Cancellations


  • $1 deposits cannot be moved to another order. Like a good captain, they go down with the ship.

  • If you redeem Reward Points on an order that you later cancel, you will lose those points.

  • Frequent cancellations may result in the cancellation of all of your open orders and being banned from Alter Ego Comics.