Sauron Art Mask Life-Size Bust by PureArts

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The Dark Lord Sauron, creator of the One Ring and the Rings of Power stirs once more. Feared throughout the ages of Middle-earth, Sauron ruled from the lands of Mordor and the dreaded Barad-dûr.

Alter Ego Comics and PureArts proudly present the first officially licensed Lord of the Rings collectible with the Sauron Art Mask. Carefully sculpted from the movie reference material, the mask is paired with a hyperdetailed fully sculpted Barad-dûr mounting base with LED molten lava effect and the blazing Eye of Sauron. Stands 35 inches high.

The Sauron Art Mask 1:1 Scale features:

  • Massive 1:1 scale detailed sculpt of Sauron’s Helmet
  • Full Barad-dûr replica mounting base
  • LED glowing lava effects
  • LED Eye of Sauron that can be seen through the mask