Star Trek - The Motion Picture Ilia Sensor And Command Insignia Limited Edition Prop Replica Set

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This limited edition prop replica set is packaged in a collectible magnetic closure gift box featuring original poster artwork and contains two iconic items -- the Ilia Probe Sensor and Captain Kirk's Command Insignia.

This replica set was created with valued input and research from the production team of Star Trek: The Motion Picture Directors Edition, using newly restored behind the scenes reference material, allowing our team to faithfully replicate the props as seen in the film.

The Ilia Probe Sensor

As part of the Ilia Probe, the sensor’s primary function was a mystery, but it served as a connection between the Ilia Probe and V’ger.

This limited edition prop replica incorporates glowing LED's with a motion activation feature and is supplied with a clear elastic cord that allows the sensor to be conveniently worn as a necklace. The clear cord is also removable so the replica can also be worn with costume tape or adhesive, just like the original prop.

However, unlike the original prop, the electronic features are self contained, using modern micro-components.

This 1:1 scale replica is crafted from lightweight but durable ABS, and is powered by one included CR1220 battery.

Captain Kirk's Command Insignia

Worn by James T. Kirk to denote his rank of Admiral and Chief of Starfleet Operations at the beginning of the movie, this 1:1 replica insignia is cast from solid metal with a brilliant gold-plated finish and features a magnetic clasp fitting on the back.