Toy Era The Magtant 2.0 1:6 Scale Figure

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The Toys Era Magtant 2.0 1:6 Scale Figure features:


Head sculpt with rolling eyeballs and movie-accurate facial features that can represent different expressions.

Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand painted

Weathered metallic Helmet, wearable and well fitted

Muscular body with over 30 points of articulations

Three (3) Pairs of gloved hands

Transformer scrap, with attached adjustable cables for posing

Weathered and rusted H-Beam Reinforcement

Battle damaged Sentinel Head with adjustable cables for posing

Rusted metal Chain, with inserted adjustable wire for floating objects

Concrete pieces x 2

Metallic Balls x2, with adjustable stand for floating effect



One (1) textured long sleeve top

Weathered metallic Body Armor including spaulders and gauntlets

One (1) textured pants

One (1) wired cape

One (1)pair of weathered metallic Greaves and Boots



Battle ground diorama base, designed to interactive with the provided accessories for a variety of floating effect

Dynamic figure holder

1 meter of Additional wiring cable