Canadian Super Team Takes Flight

Canadian Super Team Takes Flight

Great new for our neighbors up north! We'll finally see Canadian super team Alpha Flight return with their own title this fall. Now you may be wondering just what this new series written by Ed Brisson is all abooot? Well, it seems the team is now fractured into two separate factions, one issued by the government and the other fighting government mandated mutant regulation. And neither side is apologizing first. Guardian, Puck, Snowbird and Shaman reappear along with Aurora, Northstar and Nemesis. No sign of Sasquatch, but Brisson promises some plot twists. "Like every Canadian kid who grew up reading comics, one of my biggest dreams was to write for Alpha Flight," Brisson says. "And for those of you wondering if I've forgotten anyone, rest assured, I haven't. There are a few surprises for Alpha Flight fans in the mix, but I won't spoil anything just yet."

Created by comic legend and fellow Canadian John Byrne, the team first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men #120, and continued on in their own cult series Alpha Flight written and drawn by Byrne. His run is being reprinted in an omnibus due out later this year. With all this action for the Alpha Flight, we can't help but wonder...will they eventually show up in the MCU?

Look for the series reboot later this summer. In the meantime, here's the cover below. 


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