Let's Just Call It Disney's "Delay Day"

Let's Just Call It Disney's "Delay Day"

Holy delay, Batman! Oops. Sorry. Wrong intellectual property. We're talking about Disney's massive announcement today that everything you were looking forward to is now moving another year. And while the company blames it on the writer's strike, we can't but wonder if the audiences reactions to the MCU and Star Wars content of late has inspired them to recalibrate and reconsider the narrative ahead. Which we would be more than okay with considering how we foresee it devolving into the MehCU.  

Here's what we learned:

  • Untitled Star Wars movie moves to December 19th, 2025
  • Untitled Star Wars movie moves to May 22nd, 2026
  • Untitled Star Wars movie moves to December 18th, 2026

Now in regards to the MCU, it's a pretty massive Marvel reshuffling. “Captain America: Brave New World” is moving from May 3, 2024, to July 26, 2024, which in turn is delaying “Thunderbolts” to Dec. 20, 2024, “Blade” to Feb. 14, 2025, and “Fantastic Four” to May 2, 2025. “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty” is getting pushed back an entire year, from May 2, 2025, to May 1, 2026. It’s taking the place of “Avengers: Secret Wars,” which is jumping from May 1, 2026, to May 7, 2027.

Got all that? The better question is, can you wait?

But it's not all bad news; one movie is being being pushed up a bit to satiate the demand and frankly it's all the movie we need. “Deadpool 3” moved up from Nov. 8, 2024, to May 3, 2024

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