Superior Spider-Man Returns

Superior Spider-Man Returns

By all accounts, one of the more successful Spider-Man comic book runs from recent years didn't even feature Spider-Man, really. Superior Spider-Man which originated in 2013 and created by Dan Slott, featured Doctor Otto Octavius taking on the role of web-slinger, and is now celebrating it's ten year anniversary. And while ten is traditionally celebrated with a gift made from tin, Marvel is celebrating by bringing Superior Spider-Man back once again written by Slott. 

“The challenge Marvel gave me was: for the 10th anniversary, how can we revisit Superior, without repeating ourselves," Slott said. "And tell a story that impacts Spider-Man's world today?”

The comic veteran then added, "Superior Spider-Man is going to take an untold Superior tale, and drag it kicking, screaming, and violently exploding into the present. It's going to give you everything you liked about Superior but in new surprising ways. No time travel. No clones." 

The book is coming out in October but in the meantime, the Superior Spider-Man Omnibus has just been released and collects the entirety of the original acclaimed and controversial run. 

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