Wait, Marvel. You Did What?!?!

Wait, Marvel. You Did What?!?!

This is a major spoiler for a comic that comes out in a couple weeks so if you want to know the insane thing Marvel did, read on. But if you like being surprised, and this is perhaps more of a bummer than a surprise, well, stop reading now. 

Okay, no turning back now. 

We're doing this. 

The Internet is on fire because it's leaked that in Amazing Spider-Man #26, Kamala Khan, aka Ms Marvel has died. Yes, you read that right. The character soon to be featured in a major Marvel blockbuster is dying in the comics. Now, it's true that Khan does not have her own title right now, but we're having a hard time believing that they'd kill her off for good. So are you wasting those Kleenexes you're crying into as we speak? Most likely. But it'll definitely get Marvel the circulation numbers it needs. 

This very well could also be a bait and switch but then again, we won't know until May 31st when this book hits the shelves. 

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