Oglavaeil The Executioner Premium Format Figure

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Based on an original character design, this is Oglavaeil, the Executioner from the Court of the Dead collection by Sideshow Collectibles. You cannot run from your fate. No one knows this better than I... Appointed by Death and bound by duty, the Executioner exists to uphold justice and maintain balance in the Court of the Dead. Gentle and sympathetic by nature, but powerful enough to tear the very realm asunder, Oglavaeil moves silently through the Underworld, burdened by the fear and dread cast wherever he goes. Wielding two sinister swords, etched with haunting depictions of the destinies that await his ill-fated marks, his piercing eyes see through all layers of deception worn by those that fall under his gaze. Woe be to those whom the Executioner discovers have betrayed Death for there is no escaping his icy grasp once a soul is in his sights. The Executioner Premium Format Figure stands 25 inches tall! Check out our companion piece for this figure: Skratch: Hound of the Executioner Premium Format Figure.