Star Wars Vintage Doctor Aphra Comic Set SDCC 2018 Exclusive

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Finally, we’re getting our first Doctor Aphra figure. Created by Kieron Gillen in Marvel’s Darth Vader series and now starring in her own ongoing title, the kinda good, kinda bad archaeologist quickly became a fan favorite. (She outsmarted Darth Vader and often gets in over her head. What’s not to love?) Accompanying Aphra are 0-0-0 (Triple Zero) and BT-1 (Bee Tee), the murderous droids from Marvel’s comics who’ve also struck a cord with readers.

Part of the relaunched 3.75-inch Vintage Collection, the three figures come in charmingly retro packaging that hearkens back to the days of ’70s and ’80s Star Wars toys, complete with Kenner logo and “Special Action Figure Set” banner. 

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