The Batman Bat Glyph Prop Replica by Paragon FX Group

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Expected release date is 31st Dec 2022

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The prop makers at Paragon FX Group are proud to announce their 1:1 (full-size) metal replica of the Bat Glyph from, The Batman 2022. Referred to as "The Glyph" earlier in production and the Batarang™ in other vernaculars, this multi-purpose utility device personifies the utilitarian, hand-made nature of The Batman's gear.

Having been provided the original STL files for the glyph directly from production, the engineers at Paragon have recreated an exemplary replica of that which is seen on screen. Each prop replica is made of solid metal and features precise detail on both sides. Additionally, the replica can be separated in the middle allowing additional display as well as cosplay options. "The sheer weight and (cold to the touch) feel of this prop invokes an instant connection to the film. We're particularly proud of this piece."

Paragon FX Group is quickly establishing itself as a leader in museum quality motion picture replicas and we're proud to have partnered with Warner Bros to bring you this limited edition, licensed replica.