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Beetlejuice Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Beetlejuice Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles

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Come on down to the Maitlands’ miniature graveyard and scare up Sideshow’s new Beetlejuice Sixth Scale Figure. This articulated horror figure is so detailed, you’ll swear the real thing was shrunk from head to toe.

The Beetlejuice Sixth Scale Figure boasts a faithful likeness to actor Michael Keaton in the iconic film role, with a sneer on his face and a mildewed mustache that will make your skin crawl. His portrait also features soft, synthetic hair wildly feathered out for that perfect fresh-from-the-coffin look. The Ghost with the Most is also dressed to distress, wearing a custom-tailored fabric suit with a dizzying array of stripes. Grave dust and other assorted stains give Beetlejuice a weird and otherworldly look — because this guy’s not afraid to get down and dirty, hey-o!

If you’re still looking to turn up the juice, the Beetlejuice Sixth Scale Figure includes a variety of accessories and swap-out hands to give you total control of this wildcard in your collection. He comes with the Handbook for the Recently Deceased (this thing reads like stereo instructions) and his wristwatches. Eleven total hands are included, each carefully manicured with his monstrous claws and mottled complexion. From holding the Handbook to filing his nails, Beetlejuice is practically oozing with personality and posing possibilities. So, what do you think? You think he’s qualified for your collection?

The Beetlejuice Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • Headsculpt of Michael Keaton, as seen in Beetlejuice
  • Synthetic hair
  • Tailored Costume, including:
    • Striped suit pants
    • Striped suit jacket
    • White collared shirt
    • Black neck tie
    • Boots
  • Eleven (11) total hands
  • Handbook for the Recently Deceased
  • Nail file
  • Black hexagon base