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Cowboy Bebop Spike Spielgel 1/6 Scale Figure

Cowboy Bebop Spike Spielgel 1/6 Scale Figure


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FigZero sixth scale Spike Spiegel collectible figure is approximately 12.2” (30.8cm) tall featuring a unique custom body with approximately 32 points of articulation to capture the character’s lean build, attitude, and expressiveness. Made from ABS, PVC, POM, and fabric materials, this figure boasts a detailed head sculpt and finely-tailored outfit that perfectly captures Spike's signature style from the beloved Cowboy Bebop anime series.

Spike Spiegel, a former member of the Red Dragon Syndicate who has gone rogue and is now a bounty hunter traveling on the spaceship Bebop, is brought to life as a Threezero collectibles sixth-scale figure. This highly detailed figure features Spike's iconic costume, including fabric shirt and tie, blazer, and slacks, as well as a pair of sculpted boots with ankle joints to ensure maximum poseability. In addition, the figure includes a range of accessories that fans of the show will recognize from iconic scenes, such as a bent cigarette and lighter, Spike’s iconic pistols, a shotgun, and a transaction machine with card. 

Featuring two interchangeable faceplates (one neutral and one serious expression) and five sets of interchangeable hands (including a pair of fists, a pair of hands for holding weapons, a pair of Kung Fu hands, a smoking left hand, and a finger-gun right hand), this figure allows fans to recreate Spike Spiegel's exciting combat and martial arts scenes.

The Spike Spiegel Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • Approximately 30.8cm (12.2”) tall
  • Fully-articulated figure with approximately 32 points of articulation
  • Interchangeable faceplates: One (1) neutral face and one (1) serious face


  • One (1) fabric shirt
  • One (1) fabric tie
  • One (1) fabric blazer
  • One (1) pair of fabric slacks
  • One (1) pair of boots


  • One (1) bent cigarette
  • One (1) lighter
  • One (1) main pistol
  • One (1) alternative pistol
  • One (1) shotgun
  • One (1) transaction machine with card
  • Five (5) sets of interchangeable hands:
    • One (1) pair of fists
    • One (1) pair of hands for holding weapons
    • One (1) pair of Kung Fu hands
    • One (1) smoking left hand
    • One (1) finger-gun right hand